About Us

Why Choose Us?

SUPREME A. SECURITY LLC, we’re dedicated to providing you true security guards service and peace of mind. When you know you’re safe and secure, you can rest easily. With 25 years in the Security business, you can trust us to protect your business, construction site, high rise building and anything that’s important to you. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics.

We are Committed to:

  • Protection of our clients and their property that is entrusted to us
  • Personal and Business integrity
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Building strong relationships
  • Providing superior security guard personnel

Our mission at Supreme A. Security LLC is to provide best in superior security guard services to our customers.

Here at Supreme Security, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, high professional standards and highly qualified security guard professionals. To stay one step above our competition we provide our security guards with an additional 32 hours of training to ensure our employees meet our client’s needs are met.

We believe our two greatest assets are our reputation and our employees. We know that our continued success depends largely on remaining loyal to our clients as we adhere to these standards.

Supreme A. Security is family owned and operated Security Guard company which consists of retired military and law enforcement highly qualified professionals. We have no outside investors so every decision is made in adherence to our founding principles. This allows us the flexibility to meet any security needs or issues that may arise

Being family owned ensures stability in management and in our mission. We have always grown smarter, not faster. We do not overextend ourselves in good times nor do we make severe cutbacks in bad times. This has instilled a high level of trust and commitment between Supreme leadership and its employees. We will continue to provide excellent customer service for many years to come.

Supreme Protection

Supreme Integrity

Best Customer Service

Strong Relations

Superior Security